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Sherlock® imaging spectrometers are used for various applications from fugitive gas detection and location to gas emission analysis and general purpose scientific imaging spectroscopy.

Sherlock® is ideal for difficult diagnostic challenges, day-to-day predictive maintenance operations, risk and safety mitigation and regulatory compliance applications. Inspection of otherwise hard to detect areas of electrical and mechanical equipment, high-temperature processing facilities, storage vessels, circuit breakers, and underground pipelines is made easier by using one of our Sherlock® products.

All well-run facilities need the support of Sherlock®.
GIT Newsroom
  • CEO Michele Hinnrichs Recognized as One of the Top 50 Women in Business[4/09]
  • GIT Announces Product Sales to the Middle East[1/09]
  • GIT Notices a Global Trend to Reduce SF6 Gas Emissions[5/08]
  • Pacific Advanced Technology, our Parent Comany, Announces 20 years in Business[11/08]
  • GIT Announces Demo of Sherlock® SF6[9/08]
  • Martin Van Enoo Joins GIT as Director of Sales and Marketing[8/08]
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